Supporting the participation of migrant families in Flipped Learning

About :

The Flipped Classroom pedagogical model transfers the work of certain learning processes outside the classroom and uses class time to facilitate and enhance other processes of acquisition and practice of knowledge.

Parent involvement in children’s learning strongly influence student achievement, engagement and motivation. However, parent involvement decreases in the case of migrant families, as they may face multiple obstacles to become involved in their child´s schooling: language barriers, insufficient understanding of the functioning of schools in the host country, and lack of time or money to invest in their child´s education.

An insufficiently explored approach to overcome the difficulties to involve migrant parents in the education of their children is Family Learning, namely any learning that includes more than one generation of a family.

FLIPPMI partners truly believe that Intercultural Mediators can play an important role to create positive relationships between migrant students, their families and the wider school community if provided with specialized methodological support and innovative tools.

Objectives :

  • To establish a cooperation partnership and an open community of practice between teachers, educators and other professionals working in schools, organization supporting migrant families and entities experts in pedagogical innovation.
  • To define a new Matrix of Competencies on Flipped Learning for migrant families through Family Learning.
  • To design and implement an ICT-based pedagogical tool to support virtual educational delivery and management: the FLIPPMI Online Campus.
  • To co-create a Practical Activities Set on Flipped Learning for migrant families through Family Learning.

Beneficiaries :

The FLIPPMI project aims to strengthen the participation of migrant families in Flipped Learning through Family Learning methods, by equipping Intercultural Mediators with the necessary skills and resources to support the process. Therefore, our target audience is :

  • Intercultural Mediators as the primary users of the project results.
  • Migrant pupils and parents as the final beneficiaries.